Fiber and Fabric Protector

Give Added Life to Carpet & Upholstery with Fiber and Fabric Protection

When good quality carpets leave the mill, they already have protector applied, but no protector is permanent.  If wears off or is weakened from:

  • Age and everyday foot traffic
  • Harsh cleaning and spotting agents
  • Deodorizing and disinfecting sprays
  • Ozone and other pollutants

At Five Star Steamer we utilize the latest technology Maxim Advanced Premium Carpet and Fabric Protector to help your carpet stay cleaner and stain-free longer.  Each time your carpet is professionally cleaned, reapply Maxim Advanced to prolong the life and your enjoyment of this valuable investment.

If you leave you carpets unprotected they are more vulnerable to:

  • Permanent stains
  • Worn looking traffic areas
  • Spills that won’t clean up easily
  • Soil that clings to carpet

What will Fiber & Fabric Protection do for me?

Maxim Advanced will give you the highest level of carpet protection available today.  Maxim Advanced can keep your carpet looking showroom fresh.  Treated carpets are safe for kids and grandkids to play on.

  • Protect against children’s accidents
  • No more unsightly spots and spills that won’t clean up
  • Traffic lanes can stay looking like the other carpet
  • No more panic over guests tracking in soil or spilling their drink
  • Your carpet investment will look great until you are ready for a change, rather than replacing it prematurely because of soiling, wear, and stains.

Why our Premium Protector vs. “The other guys”?

Maxim Advanced is the only protector that restores your carpet protection to like factory new condition by providing ALL of the protection, including dye blockers, originally applied during manufacturing.

What are the Benefits of using Premium Protector?

  1. Makes spot and spill clean-up easy and painless
  2. Your carpet will last longer.  It reduces carpet wear and abrasion, especially in high traffic areas
  3. Makes subsequent vacuuming faster, easier and more effective
  4. Allows more time to clean up spots and spills.  This reduces the likelihood of permanent stain
  5. Leaves your carpet clean, bright, and fresh.
  6. Protect against almost anything you can eat, drink or track in.
  7. Maxim Advanced is safe for your children and pets.