Carpet Repair

Carpet Repair and Stretching

Is your carpet loose, wrinkled or need to be re-stretched?  Do you have damage to your carpet from pets, burns, tears or bleach spills?  Wrinkles can cause premature wear to carpet and carpet damage can be unsightly to view.  Many times home owners replace carpets that are in great condition other than a damaged area that could be easily repaired.  Cigarette burns, pulls, tears, pet damage or bleach stains are just a few examples of damaged areas that can be easily repaired instead of replacing the entire carpet.  Five Star Steamer is the carpet repair experts.  If your carpet is beyond repair or it is just time for new carpet, Five Star Steamer can provide new carpet sales and installation.


Carpet stretching, is an essential part of the installation and re-installation process.  Rolls, wrinkles, rippling and carpet buckling Carpet Power Stretchingare common place in our area.  Our clients often ask how or why their carpet suffers from these conditions.  There can be several different causes for this, but the most common reason that we see that a carpet needs to be re-stretched is improper installation.

Typically improper installation is brought about by either untrained carpet installers, or carpet installers that just take too many short cuts in the process.  While it may seem like a pretty simple principle, proper carpet installation procedures can help prevent these unsightly problems, before they ever develop. The most common shortcut, failure to power stretch the carpet, typically causes the majority of the problems. The power stretcher is a heavy, bulky tool that requires installers to set up and take down in every room.  This process is time consuming and clumsy and many installers just simply choose to leave the power stretcher at the shop.

There can be other causes for buckling and ripples such as sliding heavy furniture across the carpet or excess temperature inside home.  Despite the cause, these wrinkles are unsightly and if left unchecked, can cause permanent damage and premature wear to the otherwise nice carpet.  In addition, the ripples can make doors hard to close or even create a tripping hazard.  The good news, these wrinkles can be fixed and your carpet can be returned to it’s original beauty.  The bad news, left alone the wrinkles will often get worse and will eventually cause permanent wear and damage to the carpet.  At the first sign of carpet wrinkles, call Five Star Steamer so that one of our trained technicians can take care of the small problem, before it grows into a larger issue.

 Carpet Repair

Carpet damage can come in all shapes and sizes and often times homeowners think the only choice to solve these problems is to replace the carpet.  Pet Damage, carpet burns, stains, fading and tears are all common place with flooring, but proper carpet repair can bring them back to life. Most of the time, this involves patching a damaged piece of carpet with one in better condition. The process doesn’t take long, assuming the damage isn’t widespread, but it does take skill and specialized tools. Because of


this, it’s best to hire a professional that can get the job done without incident. At Five Star Steamer we can repair your carpet and save you thousands in replacement cost and have your carpet looking great again.  Pet damage, carpet burns, bleach stains, candle wax, berber carpet repair and seam repair are just a few of the problems that Five Star Steamer can solve.  Call the experts at Five Star Steamer today and rid your carpet of those unsightly blemishes forever.

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