Grout Sealing and Coloring

Grout Sealing or Re-Coloring

Why Seal Your Tile and Grout?Grout Sealing

Grout’s job is to keep your tiles locked tight so that they repel water and give floors, walls and baths a finished look.  When it does it’s job right, no one will even notice.  It’s the unsung hero.  When grout fails or becomes dirty, cracked or falling apart, it becomes unsightly and people start to notice.  The proper sealing of grout and tile helps prevent these problems protecting your investment and making cleaning a much easier undertaking.

When it comes to sealing your tile and grout, there are many different choices when it comes to sealer.  Each installation has unique requirements and Five Star Steamer are experts when it comes to choosing the sealer that is right for each installation.  One of the main decision when sealing tile is the choice of Clear Sealer or Color Sealer.

Clear Sealer

Clear Sealer is used to help repel oil and water based stains.  It can come in a variety of types, but no matter they type, it’s job is to repel oil and water based stains.  Unfortunately, the use of sealer does not mean that the surface will not still require a periodic deep maintenance cleaning.  The sealer is designed to protect against stains, not every day soiling but the application of sealer will help prevent every day soil from penetrating deep into the pores of the grout and becoming permanent stains.  The Clear sealer will help to preserve the beauty of the surface and keep your home looking new and fresh.

Re-Coloring/Color Seal

beforeafter2Re-Coloring or Color Sealing of your grout can dramatically change the appearance of your floors saving money over grout replacement and protecting your investment.  Color Sealing can be used to refresh the appearance of stained grout or match grout that has been repaired or replaced.  Color Sealing can transform the look of your floors bring back the look when new, or completely changing or updating to a more pleasing or modern color for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Five Star Steamer can change the color of your existing grout lines to match existing tile, updated paint or countertops, or just freshen up the existing color.  The Color seal also penetrates the grout to help form a protective barrier against dirt and stains making future cleaning and maintenance much easier and less costly.